A simple rock chip or crack in your windshield may look harmless but did you know that it’s enough to affect the structural integrity of the glass? The windshield is subjected to a lot of stress from air pressure when the car is moving. A small crack or chip weakens the lamination and can cause a minor repair to become an expensive replacement. It’s important to repair rock chips and cracks immediately before they become larger.

Auto glass for windshields is manufactured by layering safety glass and plastic laminate. The sandwich of glass and plastic makes it safer in a crash by preventing glass fragments from entering the passenger compartment. Some glass is even designed to absorb energy in a collision and forms an integral part of the occupant protection system of the car. A crack or chip will reduce the overall effectiveness of the system.

For example, wind-driven rain can penetrate the glass/plastic layers and cause them to delaminate. This will result in cloudy glass and allow the chip to spread. In the winter, the temperature difference between the outside air and the defroster can be more than 100 degrees. This can cause the glass lamination to expand (or contract in summer) resulting in a much larger crack that will require a complete windshield replacement. Rough roads, gravel or snow, can cause the vehicle to flex and the twisting pressure on the windshield can cause a chip to expand instantly.

Most surface chips, dings, star-break, stone-break, half-moons, and small line cracks can be repaired while you wait. The repair process is quick, simple, and best of all restores the glass integrity to new so you won’t need to worry about the damage growing into a more expensive repair job.

Don’t take chances with your safety in the car, and that includes not taking chances with your car’s windshield damage. Bring it in for a repair as soon as you need it, and let us make sure that your windshield keeps you safe and secure inside your car for years to come. Contact the windshield and auto glass experts here at Avenue Auto Glass by phone at 604-765-1790, or visit us at 636 Clark Drive, Vancouver BC V5L 3H8.